project management, graphic design, photography

A one-man catalog designin' machine.

I'm the project manager, product photographer, production artist, copy editor, graphic designer, and printer liaison for GAMAGO's seasonal trade catalog. I work with the Sales Director and Production Manager to determine what what products to include in the catalog and then plan the layout, photograph the products, create illustrations, make order forms, negotiate with our printer, do press checks, and finally drive to our printer's facility to deliver the finished catalogs to our warehouse to be shipped out to buyers and sales reps across the globe.

I'm proud to say that after taking over this project from GAMAGO's Art Director I've been able to halve the production time while dramatically decreasing error rates and cutting costs.

GAMAGO Spring 2015 Catalog PDF

GAMAGO Fall 2015 Catalog PDF

GAMAGO Spring 2016 Catalog PDF